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tv   The War Room With Jennifer Granholm  Current  June 22, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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weekend. thanks everybody the whole staff. good night, everybody. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> good evening america. i'm john fugelsang and tonight in "the war room" it's not conservative versus liberal. it's aristocracy versus democracy. >> what is going to happen when the world of flip flopping republicans, super pacs and 1970s ice skating icons converge in the mountains of utah? more like what is not going to happen. a presidential candidate may be coordinating with the super pac and what happens in utah will not stay in utah. tonight we go where the elite meet in discrete conceit for a trick or treat at mitt's retreat to beat, cheat and deplete main street as they compete to eat at the wall street teat.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> romney: super pacs have to be entirely separate from the campaign and the candidate. i'm not allowed to communicate with the super pac in any shape way, or form. my goodness, if we coordinate in any way whatsoever, we go to the big house. we really need to let campaigns raise the money they need and get rid of these super pacs. >> that's mitt romney in december explaining the new campaign finance rules and how he thinks we should get rid of super pacs. mitt is once again flipping like a crack house mattress. he's hosting a weekend with romneys. a weekend retreat for all those uniteed in the officer vent spiritual belief that millionaires have had it tough in this country for far too long and one of those 1 percents happens to be america's sweetheart karl rove who runs the super pac american
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crossroads. doesn't that go against what mitt romney said just six months ago? mitt's spokeswoman assures us, goat, karl rove is on the panel with other media person amounts we're fully aware of what the law requires and we follow both it's letter and it's spirit. i'm very sorry ms. saul, something smells fishy in utah and i don't think it's those fresh north atlantic dolphin steaks that the koch brothers have airlifted in for a job well done. what does this retreat mean? what the media won't tell you there is zero doubt that this will pit working people, latino lgbt folks against the cats with all the money. for an analysis for the big g.o.p. retreat in utah and the influence of money in politics, we go to andy cole and paul blumenthal. gentlemen, welcome to the war
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room. welcome to be here. >> it's a pleasure to be here. >> it's a pleasure to have you. is this as egregious as it sounds on paper or is this liberal paranoia. >> this is politics is played today. george w bush when he was running for president was a master at stroking big donors and bringing them in and treating them like they're part of the team and giving them briefings and making them feel like they're in the inner circle. mitt romney is doing exactly the same thing. this is how presidential campaigns rake in the big dollars. they have elite events. bring in big donors. they talk about campaign and polling. and it's just another way to grease the skins and get those people to bring in more money or get those people to go back home and tell their friends to give money to the romney campaign as well. the details are they have their
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own surprise, who is going to be attending. this event is part and parcel of big-money politics. >> i think you're right. paul, let me ask you is there any way of mitt romney some how breaking this law? >> i think that all depends on it was actually transpires at this retreat. if karl rove or anyone else involved in the super pac there are super pac donors including sheldon adelson joseph kraft and a number of others. if they're in the strategy sessions and they can convey that information to the super pacs that they're connected to, you know, that would technically be illegal. the question is how do you find out about that? there really isn't much of an idea of how this kind of law is enforced as it never really has been in the past. >> and who would enforce it, paul? who has the power to do that? if president obama's justice department tries to do it, will they is a eric holder is harassing them? how could this be enforced?
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>> through the federal election commission which probably has more problems than eric holder right now. >> indeed. if karl rove and mitt romney share friendly words over caviar, does that is that considered violation. >> what the super pac could be doing and what the campaign can be doing. they just can't do a couple of things, involving where they're placing advertising or where they're spending money or what the content or the strategy of those things would be. so the law is very specific, and it's not as broad as one would think it would be in the word "coordinate." coordinate in the english language means something different from what the sec or the law interprets it meaning in this case. >> i can't tell you how comforting that is not. andy, you had an article in "mother jones" where you wrote settle disturbing.
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you said the basic pattern emerging from the last century campaign finance can be best summarized as scandal and then reform. can you elaborate on that, please? >> the only time in history we've seen legitimate reform or legitimate regulation of the money coursing through our politics has been after a scandal of some kind, whether it is the watergate scandal which obviously is the greatest scandal with money and politics in american history. but it was the 199 presidential election in which bill clinton's second term was essentially assureed by tens of millions in so-called soft money, another form of secret money. you have reform after these scandals. scandals. yet the real question is are the predictions of mccain and feingold correct? john mccain said this numerous
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times. russ feingold predicted the mother of scandals in 2012 as a result of this election because you have billionaires pumping money in the election and you have money moving around in these non-profit organizations and you have all these ways--the donor retreats and we don't know what karl rove and mitt romney are saying to each other and we won't know because it's secret. >> yeah, not that they even talk to each other. >> exactly. >> well, paul, andy mentioned john mccain. do you find it ironic that senator campaign reform is going to be there. >> it's ironic when john mccain is raising tons of money. as andy said, you know, we've seen reforms come after scandals and we've seen john mccain's return when he came back from a scandal back in the 80s. it's not a big surprise to see him run for big money. he ran for president and he
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raised similar amounts of money in his primary campaign. i think it would be interesting to see his conversation with sheldon adelson after he said that he's bringing in foreign money after bringing in billions of money from macaw in china. >> speaking of mr. adelson i want to play a clip from newt gringrich in iowa which seems many years ago talking about governor romney and super pacs. take a listen. >> this is a man who's staff created the pac. his millionaire friends fund the pac. he pretends he has nothing to do with the pac. he's baloney. he's not telling the american people the truth. >> why aren't republicans talking about this any more? >> because they don't want to have him benefiting. you have newt gringrich who is in this weird netherworld where he has nothing to do but to go on msnbc. you have him railing against
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super pacs, saying that the wealthy are taking over our elections. but if you look at the super pac sort of the money comparison there, mitt romney's super pac restore our future staffed by former campaign members of his from '08 is dominateing compared to the pro obama super pac. this is karl rove cross rotes super pac raising more money than anyone on the democratic side. the republicans have the leg up. super pacs are the best things that happened to them because the billionaires want to give to them. it's an investment on what they'll get in return. democratic donors on the other side are just not that motivated for a number of reasons to pour in this unlimited money. republicans love the new rules to the game. >> right, paul, let me ask you what is the difference between this retreat and say, president obama attending a fundraiser hosted by sara jessica parker? >> i think it depends on the content of the retreat. i think that they're both
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equally sucking up to rich people to try to get contributions. you know, obama has increased his victory committee to be able to take the same amount of money that romney has $708,000. the question is are they talking policy sitting down with policy advisers? is this a tradeoff for you get money and then you talk to the people who might wind up in my administration. that's a little bit different than sitting down with hollywood stars and having a glass of champagne. >> right, one is getting money from hollywood stars. the other is getting the money from the guys who write the hollywood stars checks. how can we be convinced that super pacs are bad too. >> the only way that they're going to be convinced this is bad is if the public puts enough pressure on them and they're outraged enough as they were
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after watergate and the contributions, and to push a reform in congress. the republicans are not going to give up the new toy that gives them the advantage until there is outside pressure to demand that the system change. >> there are still so many unanswered questions. why is dorothy hamill there as well. that's all the time we have. andy kroll mother jones. andthank you for joining us. >> housing prices are staying sable. >> that doesn't sound like a g.o.p. talking. local economies are improving and governors want to talk about it. the horror, the horror, stay on image. and captain stephen hill talks about one of the most infamous
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moments of the 2012 campaign and how he made history and it's aftermath. >> you intend to circumvent the congress against gay and lesbian soldiers in the military? tonight joy behar is on current for one week only until the fall. >>first we'll talk politics. >>how are the democrats hypocrites in your mind, in your travels? >>they're not, i'm just trying to be fair. >>thank you michael. >>he's going to have to speak at some point. >>because republicans get to do whatever they want. >>what do you say to that? >>what happened? where are the lefties besides on current tv?
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the new slogan should be "we own wall street." that's my view.
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everybody's hatred on guy people to take away their rights. >> i'm not sure why you needed me on this program. you are making my arguments for me. >> cenk: mission accomplished. thank you for join us but i don't want to thank you for the hateful referendum that you're putting forward in washington that is hatred. that should be apparent. >> watch as a man who plays right by those who gave their lives to for this country nearly 70 years ago.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> john: mitt romney is running pads in four swing states describing his plan to really turn their economies around by basically doing exactly what president bush did and calling it something different. one little problem. in some of those states the economy has already begun turning around. so according to a bloomberg report the campaign is hoping to convince republican governors. here is america's sweet arrested governor scott earlier today. >> our state is doing extremely well. tourism is way up. jobs are up. housing prices are staying stable. if you want to buy a house now is the time. >> then he tried to kill harry potter. not towing the party line. watch how he use this is as an opportunity to again tout
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florida's growth. >> on the economy there has been discussions that the romney campaign has been asking you to tone it down a bit. >> well, what i like is the fact that people understand how well our economy is doing. we had the biggest drop in our unemployment of any state since i've become governor. the romney campaign has not asked us to tone down the rhetoric, although i'm glad people know how well we're doing. >> john: governor romney was so anguished by this he ripped the pleats from his cabbing could could i--from his khakis. joining me now is laura tyson now professor the uc-becky and current tv political adviser and we're also joined by san francisco political writer joe garofoli. joe, i want to ask you, is it possible that governor romney would really want governors to
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down play-- >> even if he did, a politician always acts in their own self interest. their job is to get re-elected. if the news is good, then the news is great for that person regardless of what romney wants. >> john: is there a larger issue at play? could there be any kind of play down or down right sabotage to get the economy to seem worse to help hurt obama's re-election. >> i think it could conceivably be true. i think congress' failure to pass romney's--obama's american job act, a policy that many of them have supported years indicates to me they're willing to leave about a million jobs on the table, a million workers on the tables hostages because they want to run a campaign against the economy. instead of doing things that they would normally do--nothing. >> i call obama's plan the boo-
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boo-radley plan because it was never going to leave the house. we look at all the projects in a the republicans began that suddenly become evil in 2009. should we be surprised by any of this? >> about the american's job act. that was really--it clarifies completely your point. the way it was put together, it was put together to reflect things that had been tried and tested before where republicans have said yeah, we like tax cuts for employers. although actually, we don't like them if obama suggests them them. >> cenk: exactly. the stimulus was 40% tax cuts, right. >> let's look at michigan. jennifer granholm was governor there. does romney claim credit for that because of the auto bailout or the republican governor. what does he do then? >> john: turning to another economic issue. outsourcing. a new report by the "washington
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post" finds bain capital invested in a series of firms that specialized in relocating jobs done by american workers to new facilities in low-wage countries like china and india. what an innovative idea. it was just when jobs in the u.s. were just beginning to accelerate. how big of a role did outsourcing play in america's boom. >> there was a moment when a number of private equity firms started to advise firms, hey you can reduce your costs by moving your call center abroad. you can reduce your cost by moving the engineering problem abroad. you can produce your semi conductors abroad. there was a facilitation at role. there was a cheerleading role and private equity firms invested in the firms that were
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outsourcing. private equity firms exist to make profits for investors. you cannot question the profitability of it. but you can say if governor romney said i know how to bring jobs back to america. what you can say is he knows how to ship them from america. >> john: maybe he bought them a round trip ticket. joe, don't you think that outsourcing should be a losing proposition for the republicans. they began calling mitt romney the outsourcing chief. is that the area that the democrats can try to convince our conservative brothers and sisters that these guys are not on their side? >> in california, the former ceo of hewlett-packard. she ran for the senate in california. the thing that sunk her was as ceo to get a better bottom line she fired laid off 30,000 workers. that killed her. it was a wave election across the country. republicans are winning all all over the place except
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california. she was running against barbara boxer. she lost. that was one of the main reasons reasons. >> bain capital was never about creating jobs for workers. it was about creating profit for investors, job loss, job creation purely incidental to what they their mission was. alexander salt said it was not outsourcing but offshoring. i offshores was how mitt romney hit hid money in the cayman accounts. [ laughing ] >> i don't know what that means outsourcing is sending it to a foreign location. >> i looked it up. it's exactly that. outsourcing to a different country. >> which makes it a double hit. you can outsource to a company down the road. at least the jobs are still in the united states. if you outsource to a company in china or india, the jobs are no longer here any more. >> that's why i when levi shows an american flag in their ad
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after they closed their last factory i'm not buying levis any more. let's listen to what the president said. >> obama: we do not need an outsourcing pioneer in the oval office. we need a president who will fight for american jobs and american manufacturing. that's what my plan will do. that's why i'm running for a second term as president of the united states. [ cheering ] >> john: okay. is it going to stick? >> the bain criticism? absolutely. that this goes on. but what doesn't help the president is that the unemployment is 8.2%. still a lot of people out of work. still a lot of people working two jobs. still a lot of people working two halftime jobs. >> john: he needs to fight that. >> he will have to fight that. one thing that is important that is really something that i think tipped romney off correctly one of the reasons why the job growth has been so weak and the unemployment rate is so high is
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because of the decimateing of public sector jobs. jobs that they didn't think mattered that much. the unemployment rate today would be around 7% or lower if we had had a set of policies to help the states keep those workers employed. that was another part of the americans job act that the republicans voted down. >> john: that's exactly right. the americans job act was 60% tax cuts. that's what the republicans were fighting against. i wish we could talk about this all night because it's so cheery and not depressing chafers. it's laura tyson and joe garofoli. thank you both of you. the worst moments may have been the booing of an u.s. soldier captain stephen hill at a republican debate. captain hill will join us coming up next right here in "the war room."
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spiriva helps me breathe better. does breathing with copd weigh you down? ask your doctor if spiriva can help. >>(narrator) bill press is on current tv. >>liberal and proud of it. >>(narrator) unafraid, outspoken, and above all politically direct. >>we'll do our best to carry the flag from 6 to 9 every morning. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> john: captain stephen hill first made his name on the national stage when he was booed at a g.o.p. presidential debate earlier in the year for asking this question. >> in 2010 when i was deployed to iraq i'm a gay soldier. and i didn't want to lose my
6:27 pm
job. my question is under one of your presidencies do you intend to circumvent the congress for gay and lesbian soldiers in the military. >> not a single g.o.p. member had the decency to protect him from those boos. hill and his husband joshua snyder who were legally married in washington, d.c. wanted to change their name to hill-snyder. but because they live in a state that does not recognize same-sex marriage they can't. >> this would make your life easier. >> no, i don't think so. >> no. >> john: if they had answered yes to that question the judge would have been compelled to grant them permission. by hill said he's tired of being forced to lie just to obtain the same rights that other americans take for granted. here is the judge's response.
6:28 pm
>> what i'm going to do then is go ahead and take this matter into consideration, so i will be writing a written decision. >> john: now hill said judges usually grant permission immediately oh so this does not bode well. sean p. diddy puff daddy combs has had 47 different names throughout the years. i'm happy to welcome captain stephen hill. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for inviting me. >> definitely. sir, people change their names for all sorts of reasons. zimmerman became bob bob dylan. and prince is a lower back tattoo and yet you and i couldn't husband cannot share the same last name. how can this be in a country of liberty. >> josh and i went in for the
6:29 pm
name change. we had no idea that this would happen to us. we thought it would be a complex. ten imagine pages and $110 each, but we didn't know they would pull us into different rooms and pull us aside and talk about it. >> john: what are you going to do if the judge denies your request? have you heard from other same-sex couples? >> most people we talked to got a name change but they had to put in an alternative reason. we didn't know that would be the case. so basically when we walked in we really just thought it was going to be a simple process that asked for your reason for wanting to change your name. they put on there, you know, you can't do it to avoid debt, fraud or anything like that. so we thought this is great. we're planning on getting our driver's license. we wanted to do this before our one-year anniversary. we were excited about it. that's what we wanted to do. then we were pulled into a room and that's when they hit us with the big news.
6:30 pm
>> john: so let me get this straight. if you said you wanted to combine your names and change your names because you belonged to a hip-hop group and that's how you wanted to brand yourself and lied, that would have been fine. but because you told the truth and said you were married you may be denied? >> that's correct. and i mean, it's a matter of perspective. whenwhenwhen the magistrate pulled us in there, she said you could put any other reason on this application. my first instinct was to say i'm out of here. i'm not going to lie. obviously they're not going to accept our name change. josh was almost in tears he was so upset. we walked all the way down. then we just talked about. we said there could be a chance with could fight this, do whatever. but i definitely was not in--i'm not going to lie. that's one thing i've told myself since don't ask, don't tell was repealed. the army accepts me.
6:31 pm
i'm not going to lie to anybody else. >> john: i think a lot about the army that you serve with and how they tell us that we're fighting for our freedoms and defending liberty. after you were booed in the audience, how did the other soldiers in your unit respond? >> nothing but positive. my interactions with the army have been--i can't even tell you how back the i've been by all the soldiers in the military. the first person that responded to me came up to me and said, sir, you're signing a lot of autographs? he joked. i said it's awkward. he said why is it awkward. he took my hand and rubbed it and said your gay is not going to rub off on me. he told me that his brother was gay and was married to his partner. then i find out that people have gay family, guy friends. before don't ask don't tell was repealed people didn't talk about it.
6:32 pm
we opened this door to say it's okay to know gay people and have gay friends. it was crazy. very, very supportive. >> john: you know, i got to say in all the military shows that i do as a comedian overseas the troops i met had zero hang ups on deserving beside gay and lesbian troops. do you think this is more about civilian politicians just trying to pander for votes from bigoted americans? >> i couldn't even tell you what it's really about. i just know that younger generations--it's not anish issue. the military generally mostly are in their 20s. i just don't think that they really care. they shouldn't. sex is not an issue in the military. it doesn't have anything to do with what we do. so it shouldn't be an issue. that's the way that they feel as well. >> john: right on. quick before we go. how did you feel about the president coming out in favor of marriage equality in america? >> you know, when i was deployed under president obama, it was
6:33 pm
historic for me. he was the first african-american president. i was so excited to be deployed under him. and when he stood up for me, it was just one of the things that you just felt like this president is awesome. he backs me. he backs us. then when he stood up for marriage equality. it was phenomenal how i felt. the first president who stood up for so many minority rights is awesome. >> john: captain hill when they gave me the chance to come in here and fill in for the governor for the week, your names is one of the first i requested as a guest. i thank you for your service and welcome you here as well. >> thank you. >> john: as for every compelling story we cover our digital team is all over this. do yourself a favor. go"the war room"." and look at the petition for
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i love go to meeting.
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it's go time. >>every weeknight cenk uygur calls out the mainstream media. >>the guys in the middle class the guys in the lower end got screwed again. >>i think you know which one we're talking about. the overwhelming majority of the country says"tax the rich, don't go to war." >>just wanted to clarify that. >> obama: sa, se puede. as long as i have the privilege of being your president, i will be along side you fighting for the country that we together dream of. [applause] >> john: and sean hannity just attacked the president for ending the sentence in a preposition.
6:38 pm
that was of course president obama speaking about to elected latinos officials in florida. did you notice the plus? it's far from the tepid response that governor romney got from the same group yesterday. a lot of latino folks are not buying what the governor is selling. in a new poll from latino decisions finds president obama with a 16-point lead. 53% to 37%. in five key swing states. immigration is the issue that we're going to tackle. i want to welcome back two of my favorite comedians in america. two of the smartest guys you'll hear anywhere, they're in the same room, god help us all will d. >> caller: rst. you can find his latest columns in "huffington post."
6:39 pm
an then rick. gentlemen, what a pleasure to have you here. let me start, how do you explain the massive lead the president has over governor romney in the polls among latinos. >> i don't know what it is about the latinos they just can't believe romney? he doesn't look like he believes what he's saying? [ laughing ] >> what i find amaze something that the g.o.p. is yelling at obama for not passing the very legislation that they brought. what is that? fourth grade logic. >> john: yes. >> well, i know that suri thinks obama seems robotic. he's not the droid you are looking for. >> john: here's the thing. mitt romney's dad was born in mexico. i don't know how he could run
6:40 pm
for president. shouldn't mitt be hyping this to latino voters, particularly those with the accent? are you surprised we're not hearing more of this from the grandfather. >> the grandfather went down there to practice polygamy. >> john: the great grandfather. he didn't move down. he self-deported. >> offshore. >> john: for all how well obama is doing with latinos obama is not doing well with caucasians. if he doesn't get the numbers up, he could very well lose the election. what advice would you give him to try to connect more with white voters? >> with white voters? >> john: yeah. >> i have no idea what he could do. he's doing good. the jobs are coming back. it's slow. >> john: we're not losing 750,000 jobs a month as when he
6:41 pm
took the job. and it's the stimulus that slowed it down. >> i keep referring back to really really look at the other guy. then there are your choices. really look examine your choices. >> romney is so white. >> john: he's so white albinos call him honky. what we're seeing now is romney knows his biggest weakness is romney. that's why you'll see super pacs pouring in money not showing what a success the governor is but what a failure obama is. >> the problem is money. now romney is going to get all the money. but romney--and the staff keeps saying that the long campaign has made him a better candidate--i don't know. i don't think his wording curve is better than his bendy parts. he just might eltile dysfunctional.
6:42 pm
>> john: i thought he won every one of those debates easily. i was very impressed with how smooth he was. >> in the debates he was so anti-immigration. he wanted to build the electrified fence and with alligators, but now not so much. >> he's caught in a pretty terrible "cat's cradle" of tangled yarn when he has to makes the tea party happy and the latino community happy all in one bash. that's kind of his--that's his rub. >> john: yeah, you're right. he's the servant of two masters. we learned today that mitt romney is vetting paul ryan, aka the guy who made eddie munster turn on twitter. is paul ryan as vice president a good idea, a bad idea or just more proof that the mayans were right about 2012. >> he makes ryan look like a liberal. who else are you going to pick? o'donnell screwed himself. he was running those image ads
6:43 pm
you're not supposed to want the vice presidency. >> john: and rubio seems to be out. chris christie is really lobbying hard for it, but i don't see the g.o.p. going with two moderates from the northeast northeast. >> and chrissie, is the taxpayer really fund an air force two and three-quarters to sit close to air force one. >> john: that will have to be reinforced. if you're mittty, in earnest seriously. who should he pick? condi rice? >> i'll tell how he's not going to pick, trump. although that's who we would love. trump, say what you will, trump would make romney look presidential. of course, he makes lou forigno look presidential. >> john: stay right here. we're going to trade notes on how to survive doing political stand up in this country. you're watching "the war room,"
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four perfect courses just $14.99. come into red lobster and sea food differently. junk like it did at any an arby's in colorado. yikes. >> stephanie: i guess we do know where the beef is. [ buzzer ] >> that's wrong. >>but, don't worry because she'll be back. >>hey, time flies when you're having fun. where are the lefties besides on current tv? >>joy behar is getting her own show coming to current tv this fall [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> john: welcome back to the war room. and back with us are two of america's sharpest politico medians. "the new york times" calls will durst possibly the best political comic in the country
6:48 pm
and rick overton might agree with part of that review. let me ask you guys, i find there are tough things with political stand up. one, you risk of alienating of a of your office and an our groupies are not as half as good looking at dane cook's groupies. what is the hardest thing. >> it's not writing the new stuff but rewriting the old stuff. >> i was in minneapolis and i call it "never land" for michelle bachmann jokes because they never grow old there. what do you think. >> walking a fine line in floppy shoes. you got to try to sugar up some of the parts that are hard to hear. so i try to make it silly on the edges so you can take the red pill from the matrix. but its like bank men looking in
6:49 pm
the box at the ghost busters and they say don't look in the box. once you look in the box you cannot know what you saw. and you're supposed to write what you know. it's looking that far in the situation. once you know, you got to write about it talk about it, and now you're stuck. >> john: i want to ask you your opinions on this. utah congressional candidate ryan cone highlighted why he's a democrat in the state of utah take a look at how this starts. >> son, we need to talk. >> your father and i have been hearing rumors, dear. >> we just need to know the truth. >> okay, fine, yes. you probably heard the rumors, and they are true. i'm a democrat. [ sobbing ] >> john: now aside from the audio on that and the fact that
6:50 pm
it's actually not the congressman appearing. those are actors. how do you feel about congressmen trying to go for funny in their campaign ads. >> good like if it works. like any of us, i wish you luck. it's like an experimental kit plane rushing down the runway of of the airport. generally a joke works better when it's based on truth. that's why one side is predominantly successful in the field. >> john: i actually think that's why people are more willing to trust comedians than politicians. if it's not true it's not going to be funny. >> there are no conservative comics. >> well, there are but they're mean. >> john: it's mean and angry. >> we can tell jokes and the object is to make everybody out there laugh out loud on purpose against their will. if you can drop a little chuckle pellet that has a seed of truth in it, then that's even better.
6:51 pm
>> john: how do you make barack obama funny because he's really the least funny president of my lifetime. >> you got to admire his ability not to get involved in 'em. there are a lot of ways to make him funny. >> john: that's very true. i find the adoration can get hilarious at times. rick, do you have insights on how you get people to laugh at the president? >> i've found him tricky to joke about up until now. it's sort of like--do you remember all the films where eddie murphy tried to play the comedy cool lead and the romantic ones and they weren't as funny as the vulnerable and flaws? being cool is the enemy of funny. it's the vulnerability, and he doesn't show a lot of vulnerability and it's very hard to write about. >> john: i tell my comedian friends like what i tell my republican friends. now you're stuck with him and
6:52 pm
you have to make the best of it. do you find him as romney as funny as a gingrich or santorum campaign would have been? >> no, they were always mad. it was like a soap opera. >> john: i would campaign more michelle bachmann door-to-door if she had the nomination. what do you think of romney. >> the robotic thing. flip flop, he's pro-choice, anti-choice, the multi choice. he needs a kuma sutra to keep track of his positions. >> hang on, what is it i believe with all my heart? slower slower, yeah. >> john: i think it's going to be a funny political season as long as we make a point of making democrats and republicans equally inspired and uncomfortable. >> comfortably inflicted and inflict the comfortable. >> john: how can we follow your work. >> in my gig. >> rick and i have
6:53 pm
a facebook page. i like it. i twitter. >> like me. like me please. please like me. >> like what he wound up doing with his thumbs. >> john: i thank you so much for joining us. will durst and rick overton. i'll put the interesting touch on an interesting week in politics to say the least this is the war room only on current tv. [ ♪ music ♪ ]
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
jennifer speaks truth to power. >>the bottom line is we need an amendment. >>now it's your turn. connect with "the war room" >>it's a call to arms. make your voice heard. >> john: one of the many things that i realized filling in for jennifer granholm, the digital team does a hell of a job. check them out on room. and you can hook up to the facebook page. highly recommended. it's a great place to make your voice heard. america was taken over what i call megan fox weather. extremely hot but totally unpleasant. it's been a great week for me and i'm honored to fill in for
6:56 pm
governor granholm in "the war room." i would like to thank the governor, the producers crew here in san francisco and all the executives at current tv. i'd also like to thank al gore for using his office and if you know how to fix crystal give me an e-mail. what did we learn this week? we learned that fast and furious proves it's treason to sell weapons to bad guys. with the fast and furious hearings we heard that the g.o.p. is good at theater. but theater creates jobs. we heard that joe the plumber is one of the voters who thinks' least is what elite means and which learned that burger king was launching the bacon sundae and,and alqaida learned they're working too hard. and dick cheney married hi his
6:57 pm
daughter in a same-sex marriage. mr. cheney on behalf of all the liberals and all the progressives you're welcome. thanks again. and governor granholm will be back right here on monday night. good night good luck, and have a great weekend. peace. [ ♪ music ♪ ] neoer >> cenk: welcome to the "the young turks." mitt romney said he's against outsourcing jobs to china. >> i know how jobs are created. >> but as a
6:58 pm
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